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Anime North 2011 Cosplay: NYAN by StephySkittles Anime North 2011 Cosplay: NYAN :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 8 6
Raph and Leo had many sexy timez, but then Splinter sent Leo away for training. For realz. Adn Raph got angsty. Teen angst is bad, but we can relate to it. That's what makes this fanfiction good. The fangirls can relate. So Raph suddenly meets Karai during a MISSION OMG. They meet again in a burning building, and she goes unconscious. She inhaled too much gas and was punched in the face by a badguy. Raph saves her life. They make happy. Then after a while goes by, they sleep together because Leo stopped writing letters back to Raph and didn't come home for a year. The night after Raph and Karai slept together, Leo came home. Raph feels guilt and moar angst. He has an awkward reunion with Leo, then leaves to break up with Karai, who does not take it well. She is very angry at Raph, but furious at Leo.
The next night, the turtles go out for some good ol' training, and come across the construction site where the Foot are capturing a monster for Winters. Raph is worried about Karai and swi
:iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 10 10
A Delicious Triumph by StephySkittles A Delicious Triumph :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 3 5 A Portal into Star Wars by StephySkittles A Portal into Star Wars :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 20 27 Joy to the World by StephySkittles Joy to the World :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 21 21 Grievous in Times Square by StephySkittles Grievous in Times Square :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 9 6
Apple Trees
Apple trees are beautiful. Nobody can appreciate them except for me. I have a lot of apple trees in my backyard, but there is one tree that is the tallest and produces the largest, sweetest apples I have ever eaten. I pick apples from this tree all of the time, and when I'm not doing that, I sit underneath it and read or take naps. Sometimes, the people inside the house complain I'm outside with the tree more than inside, but I think it is good to get outside and breathe fresh air. I like my tree. They just don't understand.
Over the years, I've planted and grown new trees. Sometimes, a new tree tries to grow as large and tall as my special tree. I don't think it's very nice of new trees to try to outgrow my tree, so I cut them down. The people inside the house think it's a waste of a tree. They say I should let it grow tall, but I disagree, so I go inside and tell them they're wrong. They just don't understand.
Today, I'm sitting underneath my tree and looking at the other trees, thin
:iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 0 5
The Free Hugs Bounty Hunter by StephySkittles The Free Hugs Bounty Hunter :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 2 0 Bill startled the Witch by StephySkittles Bill startled the Witch :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 6 14 A Piece of Eden by StephySkittles A Piece of Eden :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 17 3 Evil Socks and an Evil Dick by StephySkittles Evil Socks and an Evil Dick :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 4 2 My Turn by StephySkittles My Turn :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 16 11 Shhh, I'm reading now by StephySkittles Shhh, I'm reading now :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 2 6 FREE HUGZ, DUDE by StephySkittles FREE HUGZ, DUDE :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 2 18 Please don't stomp on me by StephySkittles Please don't stomp on me :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 18 9 Kickass cotumes by StephySkittles Kickass cotumes :iconstephyskittles:StephySkittles 3 0

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This was my Nyan cat cosplay at Anime North 2011 :)

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Jesus christ was that a wicked party. I felt like I was on drugs the whole time, it was amazing.

I cosplayed as Nyan cat. Deal with it. (If you see a nyan cat cosplay of a Chinese girl with pigtails and a rainbow flag, that was me!!)

I met Michael and Brian Dobson. Those sick bitches signed my friend's leg cast. How awesome is that?

I took a lot of photos, bought a lot of crap, and my room doesn't have enough wallspace for the prints and posters. Time to move to the ceiling.
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GeneralDodders Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
Hello there. I am sorry to bother you but I am trying to help spread around this petition to save the animated show Star Wars The Clone Wars. As you might have already heard, the show has been cancelled as of Disney's aquistion of the Star wars franchise. While I believe this is a long shot, people right now are trying to persuade disney not to cancel the show and allow them to continue creating everything they had originally planned. It is said that they had plans to take the show to an eight season if possible. Right now they plan to only release two arcs for the so called bonus content and neither of them reveal the fates of Ahsoka, Ventress, Maul, or Rex. They were even suppose to make a bounty hunter arc that revealed the fates of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing but now that won't be shown.

For the sake of continuity in the Star Wars universe, as well as a good show, I ask you to sign the petition below to help save the Clone Wars. All you need is to be on facebook. If you do not care for the show or are not interested, I respect your opinion and apologize in advance for bothering you. Thank you for you time.

If you already signed the petition then I am sorry annoying you. If you could share the petition with your friends and other star wars fans, that would be great.

Sethaiel Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
How goes it Stephy?!?! I am in Korea now, and one of my friends is going to Canada-land! Take care of her, ok?
StephySkittles Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Whoa, I haven't checked dA in forever! Sorry I didn't message back earlier. Wow, Korea! That's so far :O Hope you're doing okay :)
Sethaiel Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
Yes. We went to the DMZ today. It was awesome. I got to stand in North Korea for like 10 minutes.
BlueEevee Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the fav!
StephySkittles Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011
Aw, no problem :)
I-Am-Fear-Its-Self Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
StephySkittles Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
Hey Lauren! How have you been? :) How's school going for ya?
I-Am-Fear-Its-Self Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
>3< I'm almost done, thank you! >V<
StephySkittles Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
What grade are you in? (I know you're almost done, but I'm still curious :XD:) I'm going into university this fall :)
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